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Monday, March 24, 2014

All Natural Homemade Household cleaner

So in my quest to consume less, I have been looking for recipes for home made products ranging from face masks to household cleaner.  In the process I have made great discoveries, and I am sharing one with you today.  It is an all-purpose cleaner that is super easy to make, but takes a bit of patience.


A good quantity of citrus peels (this one is only oranges, but I have mixed lemon and 
oranges as well in the past)


Place peels in a large mason jar.

Pour vinegar on top (enough to cover peels) and close jar tightly

Let it sit on your countertop for 2 weeks.

Open lid and pour a small amount on your cleaning cloth.  I use it to clean my sinks, faucets, countertops (even quartz) in the same way I would use a multi-purpose cleaner.  It leaves every thing super shiny and doesn't leave a strong odour.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coconut Stuffed Dates

We are back from California and I wish I could say that we are so refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws at us, but I can't, because the weather has simply made me wish I could just go back and stay there forever...Sadly, it's not the case.  So in the meantime, I am channelling it through my recipes.  I want colour, freshness and anything that reminds me of beaches and sunsets. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you are now aware that I rediscovered dates during my trip.  I have always loved dates, but I now realize I have never seriously tasted dates that were so moist and soft that way.  No offense to the companies who distribute their dates in the area, but these where on a whole other level.  That's what happens when you can eat local.  I often daydream what it would be like to live there and be able to make a trip to a local farmer's market a weekly occurrence throughout the year.  Never having to go through the cold and dullness that I find winter to be.  Okay, so enough about this, and on to what my daughter and I are obsessed with these days.  It is the simplest desert, as it requires no cooking or baking, and you need only 2 ingredients to enjoy this simple pleasure:  dates and coconuts. 

Dates are an excellent source of iron, copper, manganese and calcium.  They are also a good source of fibre.  As for coconut, although it used to be thought that it was bad for you (because of its saturated fats), studies are now showing that its medium chained-triglycerides (MTC) are absorbed directly by the liver and not stored in fat cells, producing energy faster and boosting your metabolism at the same time.  They are also a  good source of dietary fibre which has been shown to curb cholesterol!

Coconut Stuffed Dates

Ingredients :

Pure organic unsweetened coconut shreds
Medjool dates


Pit dates and stuff with coconuts.

Serve and enjoy!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!